ITP gives organizations the kind of flexibility they need to act quickly without ever losing control.

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ITP allows business users to manage documents and templates themselves.

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ITP enables organizations to strengthen customer relationships by perfectly aligning communications. Customer satisfaction and loyalty increase as customers receive timely, relevant and personalized information.

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Organizations should deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right person by the preferred channel. ITP enables organizations to create correct, relevant and targeted customer communications.

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About Aia

Aia is the global developer and supplier of ITP, the ultimate Customer Communications Management solution for clients in different branches worldwide.

Our reliable and flexible ITP products have helped over a thousand businesses in 30 countries, including some of the leading financials worldwide. ITP is your software, adaptable by your people, when you want. But we will provide excellent support if needed.

ITP: own your communications!

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XCelent Service Award for Aia Software

Nijmegen, July 15th 2014 - Aia Software has won the XCelent Award for Service. The award is presented by the Celent research and consulting firm, which is focused on the application of information... read more


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