How do you want to communicate today?

Using the ITP Customer Communications Management platform to manage customer correspondence both electronically and on paper will help you tap into changes faster and increase the efficiency of your customer communications. The highly user-friendly and flexible ITP platform makes clever use of customer data from business applications, enabling organizations to draw up personalized and customer-driven letters, contracts and mailings.
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About Aia

Aia is the global developer and supplier of ITP, the ultimate Customer Communications Management solution for clients in different branches worldwide.

Our reliable and flexible ITP products have helped over a thousand businesses in 30 countries, including some of the leading financials worldwide. ITP is your software, adaptable by your people, when you want. But we will provide excellent support if needed.

ITP: own your communications!

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Working more efficiently with the task-oriented text block app

The latest version of ITP features the new task-oriented text block app. This app will save users a lot of time, as it instantly presents a specified list of text blocks that still have to be...

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